DP-1 Insurance

DP-1 Insurance is the most basic of all dwelling policies that is offered by all of the well-known insurance companies in the country. The policy is very restrictive in what it covers. DP1 Insurance only provides insurance coverage for very basic named perils that are specifically mentioned in the policy. Any other perils not in the policy will not be covered. Also, no DP1 Home Insurance will cover vandalism, theft, and water damage.

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DP1 Insurance

Why Do I Need DP-1 Insurance?

DP-1 insurance is the most basic form of homeowners insurance policy. DP-1 is just the industry term used whereas the average consumer commonly just uses homeowners insurance.

DP-1 Insurance Coverage

DP-1 Insurance will provide for actual cash value (ACV), not replacement cost unless you decide to pay more for the better coverage. Vandalism and other malicious events are not covered in this basic form of policy.

Is DP1 Insurance for Me?

If you have an investment home, DP1 Insurance isn't recommended by most real estate investment experts because of how little it actually covers.

I'm Not Sure If I Need DP-1 Insurance?

Contact one of our insurance agents in our network to help determine which type of insurance you need for your property.

What States Do Insurance Companies Offer DP1 Insurance?

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